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Hello there!

Hello there! My name is Elena and I’m a barefoot enthusiast - a newbie, transitioning from conventional shoes to minimalist ones. I have always loved being/walking barefoot (my friends know I always take my shoes off every chance I get, even when it’s frowned upon), but I discovered barefoot shoes three years ago, when I became a mother. I started researching best options for baby shoes, as you do when you want to make fact-based decisions :) I read a lot about barefoot shoes and they became the natural choice for my daughter. Then, it hit me: if it’s good for her, it should be good for me too, right? 


So I started reading a lot about it, following blogs and Instagram accounts created by other barefoot enthusiasts, and absorbing as much information as possible. I read Katy Bowman’s ‘Whole Body Barefoot’ book and I was sold. So I slowly started replacing my old shoes with barefoot ones. 


I live in Romania and I don’t know many people who use barefoot shoes (for walking, not barefoot running - that’s a different story), but I’m always happy when I recognise Romanian names in the comments section on different social media posts that feature barefoot shoes.


I decided to blog about barefoot shoes because 1) I love them 2) I hope many more people will come to love barefoot shoes 3) help other barefoot rookies and last, but not least 4) make them popular on this side of the world. I know lots of people are very careful when they choose their children’s shoes but they’re not as thoughtful when it comes to their shoes. I know it because I was one of them.



(elena at barefoot dot tips)

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