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Barefoot Resources and Reasons Why

aka Don't take my word for it.

The barefoot enthusiasts pack is growing and this is amazing! I can see it everyday on social media, I can see it in the messages the barefoot shoes manufacturers are posting apologising for selling out very fast and I can see it around me. Ever since I’ve started my transitioning journey people have paid close attention to the facts I presented them. I’ve had people buying barefoot shoes for the first time because they saw me wearing them and they saw how comfortable they are.

But my passionate speech about barefoot shoes comes from facts and research. It's about feet functionality, gait, posture, natural movement AND being comfortable. Here are some of the resources where you can take your information from and then decide for yourself. When to transition, not if :)

1. Katy Bowman’s book 'Whole Body Barefoot'

I was so excited while reading it that I kept telling everyone I met about the things I found out in the book :)) You can order it on Amazon and you can follow Katy on her Instagram account. It's like a 'barefoot for dummies' book and I love her non-aggressive approach.

2. Spread Your Toes Series (& every Correct Toes video on YouTube)

Binge-watching on these videos has been so fulfilling. Filled with ‘AHA!’ moments and ‘OMG what have I done for 30+ years!?!’.

3. The Drifter Leather Photos

I don't know why, but the photos with the see-through shoes have made an impact on me. Much more than different animations showing the same thing. And I show them around like mothers do with their children’s ballet videos. So compelling. (This is a photo of my feet from 7 years ago. Facepalm.)

4. The Foot Collective

We spend so much time on Instagram & Facebook, so why not follow content that improves our lives? Like this account

5. Anya’s Reviews

She’s not a doctor or a podiatrist, she’s the Queen of Barefoot Shoes. She’s one of us and the fact that she’s so relatable and honest makes it a great resource to follow. Her blog and her Instagram page have changed lives! She gets to test lots of shoes (and accessories) so her opinion on barefoot everything might help you choose the right ones for you. Here’s a sweet interview with her.

6. Gait Happens

This Instagram account makes you wanna take your feet more seriously.

7. Minimalist Shoes Facebook Group

Meaning this one. There is also a smaller European group but this one is so lively - lots of information on shoes and soles and insoles and lengths and feel and everything.

Start with these and let me know where do you get your information from. Fingers crossed the comments section works.


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