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Be Lenka City Crushed Comics

When I started my barefoot shoes journey, I made a list of fun shoes I wanted and Be Lenka City Crushed Comics was on top of this list. But life happened and I bought several other shoes before finally getting these. At the same time, a fellow barefoot enthusiast that I met (only online so far) in this wonderful barefoot community was so in love with these shoes that I had to give them a try. (She is a Be Lenka die-hard fan.) Yes, Maria, I’m talking about you <3

I ordered size 39 which proved too short for me. I gifted them to my sister-in-law and I ordered size 40. They really are cute and fun to look at!

Fit-wise Be Lenkas work best for Slope feet. Mine are Mountain and I had to size up as my second toe, being the longest, was touching the front of the shoe while walking.

Pictured: size 40 with wool-socks and without. When you take a picture with the foot over the shoe, the leather sinks in a bit but you can see that I have more space in front of my big toe compared to 3 and 4. But my toes don't feel crammed at all. On the contrary.

And because I sized up and I have low volume feet, I have to wear them with an insole in order to fill up the space better. Otherwise, they form a big crease over the toes when I walk.

These shoes are not buttery soft, they are more structured than other sneakers (the leather is not as soft as the one on Groundies Universe, for example) but they feel good in the city (as their name suggests), while walking on concrete and sidewalks. After all, they are recommended as urban footwear. But not only for this, as you may see.

I ordered directly on their website and they arrived in about a week. Luckily, we are on the same side of the world :)


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