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Tikki Soul Sandals Review (Vegan)

I think everybody knows about my love for Tikki. The brand, the shoes, what they stand for. If you’re new on this blog, scroll down to my first post (or click here), titled Tikki love.

Tikki was the first brand I encountered in this barefoot shoes journey, not for me but for my daughter. When she started walking, I researched the best options for children. Luckily, not only does Tikki have some of the friendliest models for toddlers and children, but they are also based in Romania. Which means I get to support a local brand AND shoes usually take a 1-2 days to arrive. Through the years, I think I bought at least 20 pair of shoes for my daughter, myself or loved ones, that’s how much I appreciate their craft.

Look at this beautiful pattern!

This year on my birthday I ordered my self this pair of Soul sandals with a cork upper. I already have the Vibe model in burgundy (leather) and I love it so I decided to try this special cork model (vegan). So imagine my surprise and delight when the lovely people at Tikki decided to refund my money and to gift me the sandals for my birthday <3 So this is that moment when I say: shoes are gifted but opinions are my own, and the truth is this is how I have approached all the reviews so far. Be it on my blog, or short Instagram versions. It’s a win/win - brands get to improve based on honest feedback and we get to make better choices. And, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever read a review from a fellow barefoot shoes blogger that might be misleading. Of course there are insights that might not apply or affect everyone, we all have different feet and some things might be great for some and annoying for others.

That being said, here are my thoughts on this beautiful model. (Unfortunately it is out of stock currently, but all Soul models have the same sole and there are more colours to choose from.)

I ordered size 39, the same size I have in Vibe, but bear in mind that I have long toes so the loop over my toe allows my feet to go forward. I’ve read different reviews from people with shorter toes that said their feet sit more in the back of the sandals because of that loop. I don’t have that problem. My feet sit exactly as they do in Vibes. My longest foot is 25cm (second toe longest, foot tracing method) and the sole in 39 is 25.5 cm. The width is 10.2cm so it also accommodates wider feet.

The sole is 6mm Vibram Supernewflex with a breathable microfibre lining. Very flexible, just like Vibes, you can roll them all the way, even though I was expecting cork to be less flexible.

They have a Velcro strap and they are easier to put on (and off) than Vibes (who have a small buckle). But Vibes can be adjusted over the toes because of their velcro. Both models have the same sole shape, the design in the upper part is the one that is different.

I love the golden accents and the green pattern, they make the sandals really stand out. And the black sole make it easy to style with anything black. It’s that dash of colour that a black outfit needs. And, of course, they go great with Earthy colours. Follow me on Instagram for suggestions on how to style them.


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