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Bohempia Orik 2.0 Review

Many of us used to wear some conventional shoes that we long for in terms of aesthetics. For me, one such model is the classic Chuck Taylor high-top Converse shoes that used to be a companion on holidays, going to concerts or to work. I still think they look great, but I couldn’t wear them now, as I wouldn’t squish my toes for the sake of coolness. Luckily, Bohempia came up with an equally feet-friendly cool alternative!

Enter: ORIK 2.0!! They were gifted to test and review.

I chose the black&white model but there are 5 more colours to choose from.

I gave away all my conventional shoes sneakers years ago, but my husband and friends still wear them, so I could take these photos for comparison. Someone commented on Instagram that they find the white part over the toes too large - I have absolutely no problem with it, but if you do, you can choose their low-top sisters, Herlik, which have a smaller white tip.

The sneakers are made by Bohempia, in Europe (Czech Republic), they are vegan, made of 100% hemp canvas, with a natural rubber sole. I also have the Kolda 2.0, which I find to be a great alternative to the classical low-top Vans. Here you can read my thoughts on them.


I got size 40, normal width (9.6cm). My longest foot is 25cm foot trace method and the chart says that the inner shoe length is 25.8 cm, but my Plus12 measurement says the insole to be 26cm long. My Kolda pair had the same length difference - a couple of mm longer than the chart - so bear this in mind when you are considering sizes, as the length seems to be meow generous than stated.

These sneakers come in 2 widths, normal and wide. The wide version of size 40 would be 10.5cm, so Bohempia wide is one of the best options for people with wider feet.

I wear them with their insoles - taking them out makes more room inside the shoe and the laces make it easier to adjust the sneakers to more volume/ higher instep.

Just as its Kolda 2.0 cousin, the Orik 2.0 model ticks all the barefoot friendly boxes:

☑️ zerodrop

☑️ wide toe box

☑️ flexible sole

On top of:

☑️ vegan

☑️ sustainable

☑️ natural hemp

☑️ natural rubber

☑️ cool aesthetics

💫💫 You can use ELENA15 (non-affiliate) code for a 15% discount on all barefoot shoes models on Bohempia!


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