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Tikki Jay Review

Most people know Tikki for their shoes for kids, be it sandals or winter boots. But Tikki crafters have made some of the nicest shoes for adults as well. Their Soul and Vibe sandals are the most famous ones in the barefoot shoes community, but Jay should take a spot among them as well.

I’d known about them a couple of months before the launch and I was very curious about how the shoes would turn up, as I knew there were snap fasteners involved. And they exceeded my expectations!

About Tikki

This is going to be the shortest ‘about’ section ever, as I wrote an entire post about Tikki as my very first post on the blog. Of course I love the fact this is a Romanian brand <3


I received the shoes for testing so I chose colour Latte in size 40 and the additional leather collar Model #3. Afterwards, I bought collar #8 (leo print) and the wool insole so I can wear them on colder days (and nights) too. Size 40 is quite generous for my feet (26.6cm), but size 39 (25.7cm according to the chart) would have been too short for a 25cm long foot. Which means I have plenty of room for the wool insole. I’ve only worn them with socks so far.


The toe box feels wider than the 9.6cm stated in the chart. Well, the shoes are always wider than their insole, that’s a fact. It is also roomy so I have quite some space over my toes (you can see some small leather creases as I need to lace them tight), which means they are good for people with ‘taller’ big toes, as they won’t poke through the leather. The sole is very thin, 3mm thick, made of natural rubber.


Shoes are better looking in reality, the leather is softer than it looks like in the photos. I was expecting a more sturdier upper but I like it better how it is. The laces are thin, round and elegant. The uniqueness of these shoes in the barefoot niche is that they have removable collars! The collars are very comfortable, the area where the snaps are situated is padded and soft. You can also wear the shoes without a collar, the snaps don’t bother my skin, as they are situated lower than the ankle. I tried them both with and without socks: with socks I don’t even feel the snaps, without socks I can feel them while walking but not in a bothering way, they don’t portrude in any way. BUT bear in mind that I have thin ankles. I’ve been wearing them for a while (only with collars) and I can state that they are very comfortable.

There are 5 models available, 4 leather and 1 vegan, sizes 36-44.

What else would you like to know about Jay? Don’t forget to use BFTIPS for 10% off (non-affiliated code).

I remember Tikki’s Roots and Nanook collection from a few years ago and I am so looking forward to what’s next from them. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with some photos from their 2018 collection:


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