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Luks Milagro All-Year-Round Boots

It’s only been a month since my all-year-round Luks boots had their maiden voyage but I know they are on my top 3 barefoot shoes so far!

I’ve worn them in nice weather, no rain drops have touched them so I can’t tell you how they behave in rain. I haven’t waterproofed them and I don’t plan to, as I don’t want their colour to change. I love their original colour and the uneven shades it has. I have other options for when the forecast predicts any chance of rain.

I placed the order on July 22nd and it took precisely 5 weeks to arrive to Romania (on the website it is estimated to last 4-6 weeks). The shoes are made by Lenka Luksova and her team (they are a small family business) in Czech Republic, with great attention to detail and wonderful customer care!

If I were to use three words to describe my boots it would be: soft, buttery, light.

Soft - the leather is very very soft and smooth, and the sole is extremely flexible so you can have excellent ground feel all over the sole. The boots are incredibly light, you can easily forget wearing shoes!

They work best for Egyptian feet, with a dominant toe, but I have Greek feet and they fit just fine. I ordered 39 (the size charts says 25.8cm length and 9.7 width) and I have 24.5cm & 25cm long feet with 9.7 width and still get plenty of room. I haven’t tried to insert a lambskin insole yet so that will take some of the space. In the video below you can see where my toe is - more than 1 cm room to the top of the shoe.

I’ve only been wearing them on autumn, on dry weather. They are all-year-round so if you plan to wear them during winter, make sure you have plenty of space for an warmer insole and waterproof them properly.

I will update the post once the weather gets colder. Or if I decide to waterproof them. I play for the never-say-never team.


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