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Mukishoes Sol

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. They popped in my feed and I just couldn’t resist the solar yellow. Hence the Sol, I know. And I was so hooked that even if the sizing chart was clearly indicating 39 as a perfect fit, I ordered 40 as 39 was out of stock. They sell like hot bread, goes a saying here in Romania (cakes in other cultures :P), so usually the most common sizes go out of stock in 2-3 days or less after they launch a model.

The upper is cotton so even though we have long and hot summers here, the feet are happy. I’ve never tried to clean them (they recommend not to use the washing machine, but mildly wash them with water and soap) but I don’t feel like the dirt is very visible. The Sol model is out of stock but Plum looks pretty similar (and pretty, too!).

Size 40 means 26.1cm long, which is 1.6cm longer than my shortest foot and 1.1 cm than the other. Luckily, I only have two feet, cause this asymmetry is a killjoy. I’ve only worn them without socks so far, so they’re quite roomy in the toe area, but it’s not a problem. And I think the key is the shoelaces - as they grip really well around the foot, my toes don’t touch anything and my feet don’t slide :) The sole is rubber and is really really soft and flexible so the crease (that in a previous life would have bothered me and my bunions) doesn’t cause any pain.

They shipped smoothly, straight home (to Bucharest) via DHL (9.5 euro), in three days: I placed the order on Friday and by Monday they were here. They are made in Portugal and one more reason why I love Mukishoes is that the hemp they use grows and is woven in a small family weaving here, in Transylvania. *insert heart emoji*

Mukishoes launched their fall/winter collection this week, but it took me some time to decide and by the time I did, my size was out of stock. Now waiting patiently for my ‘back to stock’ notification… Also, I’m eyeing their cork version of Chelsea boots, but I’ve never worn cork shoes before. Have you? (Meanwhile, out of stock too!)


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