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Paperkrane Leo Lover Review

I can’t remember when I first found out about this brand, it must have been through Anya <3 as she helped me get in touch with Kate and Zara (when I ordered to the wrong address), the two hilarious moms based in Australia that gave birth to this child too. And I’m in no way using a cliché, as they tick all the boxes a mother does in relation with their children, even posting ‘embarrassing’ photos and videos on social media! Of course their shoes are fun!

I placed my first order on their website. Actually, it was a pre-order. But I liked the shoes so much that I figured shipping and VAT and custom fees are worth it. But because of Covid, delays happened and Zara and Kate kindly refunded my money and pointed me to European stockists - the list is longer now! Yeah, it means the barefoot army (and demand) is growing!

Now I have just one pair of PKs, these leopard print beauties in size 40, as I had to give the black Mary Janes (in size 39) to my niece as they were too short for me. But my daughter has three pairs that I bought from Happy Little Soles (pre-Brexit), Little Shoes and Bosonozka. I would have thought that the pink glittery Bubble Gum ballerinas would be her favourite but she loves the Fairy Breads!

Paperkrane are hands down some of the most fun barefoot shoes options out there. Also, they tick all the barefoot boxes: zero drop, flexible and wide toe box. They fit great high volume (and high instep) feet but they are not suited for very wide feet. I would say they are on par with Mukishoes in terms of wideness.

Pictured Mukishoes Sol and Paperkrane Leo Lover, both size 40.

Leo Lover model features their FLEXI sole: natural rubber sole that packs a punch in the flex department, stitched. They have leather details and printed canvas uppers. The only downside I’ve felt while wearing them is that the tongue on my left foot slides sideways when I walk, if I wear 'invisible' socks. With thicker socks I don't have this problem. But this was addressed by Kate and Zara as their new models all feature a loop on the tongue precisely for this reason.

Look at these eye candy shoes!! I need to find a pair of their iconic rainbow sole Chelsea boots but they sold out soon quickly!


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