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Splay, Splay, Time to Play

It’s hard to find not-very-expensive (I didn’t want to say cheap) barefoot shoes. And even more so if you live in Romania. I envy all the barefoot enthusiasts living in USA - they have so many options! I even thought about leaving the Facebook group Minimalist Shoe Buy/ Sell/ Trade as it’s frustrating :) (Yes, I joined the European one but not very much happening there.) So imagine how happy I was when I discovered 1) Splay Shoes 2) that their kids shoes fit my feet! I think it took less than an hour from the moment I read about them to ordering. The wait was long (due to the pandemic chaos, I imagine), but totally worth it. The shipping was $17.5 but I used Anya’s 10% discount code so I only had $7 to pay for shipping. The parcel went straight to the Post Office and in less than I day in my arms.

Tip: Keep an eye on the discounts offered by influencers. They have dedicated pages like this or this or this.

We love them! My daughter and I have been wearing them on repeat (it's the perfect weather for light canvas sneakers). I ordered the biggest kids size for me (7Y/ EU39) and they fit great. My daughter has 10C (her feet are 16cm long and 10C is 17.2cm long) and she says they are good. We both wear them mostly without socks but they fit great with socks too.

They are flexible and light and zero drop and wide. Perfection! They are black so we had no problem with dirt, but I will use the washing machine if that’s the case.

Rumour (actually, Anya) has it that they will soon launch a line for adults so stay close to their website and Instagram page. Looking forward to it!


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