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Be Lenka Champ Review

This is my third pair of Be Lenka shoes (I reviewed the Winter model here and City one here) but it is also the model I like the most. First, because of the softness of the entire shoe (not only at the back at the heel, that is cherry on top!). Second, because of the beautiful design that reminds me of the 1986 Nike team convention shoes, but healthier and better for your feet. And third, because my first Converse-like sneakers (what was available for purchase in a freshly post-communist country) were a brown suede pair that I loved with all my heart and that I wore until they broke. THIS brown suede colour.

When I first saw them my husband was sitting next to me and he saw a big smile on my face. And he said he wanted to get them as my birthday present ❤️ I must admit, after the first time I tried them on I was pondering whether to send them back as I had so much space over my toes. So I asked the wonderful Katja if she has the same feel, as I was afraid the crease might bother me. She had worn them a couple of times before mine arrived and had absolutely no problem with the crease. I AM SO GLAD I DID NOT RETURN THEM!

I wore them to the park, to the office, on grass and on concrete floor. They go with everything.

(Also mix & match clothes)

The size in consistent with the City model (also 40), the sole looks wider but it’s actually the same, flexibility and all. Here are some comparisons with other brands.

Bean shaped and widest sole. (Yes, I wear Mukishoes Sol size 40 with a Vivobarefoot insole for a better fit.)

I wear them with invisible socks or without socks (not smelly so far) and they are just as comfortable either way. They are all over the internet now (mostly in white), so you better follow people who have similar foot shape to see if they might be a fit for you. Even though they are bean shaped and I have Greek/ mountain shaped feet, size 40 is very comfortable for me.

(Slide the image to see the softest back ever!)

It’s not summer yet here, even though middle of July so I’m sticking șto sneakers for a while. Luckily, we’ve got so many options!


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