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Be Lenka Winter Boots Review

I wanted to wait for the winter to be over in order to test these boots in all possible conditions, but 1) some of you might find this info helpful if considering to buy something warm and waterproof for the remaining weeks 2) I’ve been wearing them on repeat every time the weather checked any of the boxes: cold, rain, snow, or the aftermath: puddles, mud and slippery grass. If any of the above, I alternate Be Lenka Winter Boots with Lems Waterproof Boulder Boots and I’m set for the level of wet cold winter that we have in Romania. Camper Peu boots with original insole replaced (with lambskin ones) join the game for a complete ‘cold wet winter’ frame.

BeLenka is one of the first brands I heard of when researching barefoot shoes world and these winter boots are, indeed, a must in my winter capsule. Remember my post abut season capsules?


I ordered size 40, as my longest feet measures 25cm. Their size chart states 25.7cm long insoles for 40, but as they also have merino wool lining I figured I wouldn’t wear very thick socks so I don’t need too much room in front of my toes. And I guessed correctly - they fit comfortably. Based on this assumption, though, I ordered the City model in 39 (I was planning to wear them without socks) as I thought they would fit great without the lining. But it turned out I touched the front of the shoes with my second toe (I have Greek feet) so they became a gift to my sister-in-law who is also thinking about transitioning to barefoot shoes. Of course I want to convince everyone I love to switch to functional footwear as it's good for them!

The boots are more structured than Camper Peu but similar to Lem’s Waterproof Boulder Boots, and I like them like this for winter. They are made of water-resistant leather, but I find it waterproof as I had no problems with them in puddles either. The merino wool lining keeps my feet warm, but after half an hour of standing almost still, I felt they were getting cold at around 0 degrees. They have a wide toe-box, which you can see below compared to other boots.

Side by side with Lem's, Vivos Fulham, Camper Peu. I have Greek feet, with the second toe being the longest.

They are easy to take care of. I haven’t treated mine with anything, I just try to clean them every time when I get home, before any drops (of water or mud) dry. But when I forget to do that, I clean them the next day and they are still fine.

To many more winters together!


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