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Be Lenka: Entice vs Entice 2.0

If you’ve been following my Instagram posts you already know that Be Lenka is one of my favourite brands. I liked their bean shaped sole too, but I LOVE their new one. I have mountain shaped feet and a milder slope accommodates better my second and third toes. Add to that info the fact that I am a fan of Chelsea boots so you can understand why Entice was a must.


I bought Entice Toffee sizes 40 and 41 last year, as I knew the sizing was different and I wanted to be sure I got the right one. I kept size 41, as 40 was too short for me. I tried them on with socks, of course, as I was going to wear them during colder days. (I gifted the 40 to my niece - she wore them daily during autumn & winter and she loves them!) Toffee s no longer available, but Cinnamon Brown is a pretty similar option.

This year, Be Lenka has kindly gifted me the Black Matte Entice 2.0 (nubuck leather) model, in order to make a comparison and share my thoughts about them. I got size 41 as well and they are the same in length as the old Entice.


But they differ in width. The old model is slightly wider than the new one. They both fit my feet well - my feet are not very wide, they are 9.4cm wide and 25cm long(est foot). The insole of the old model measures 9.5/9.6 cm at the widest point while the old insole measures 10cm. But we all know that the real width of any shoes is wider than the insole.

Other differences in terms of fit are:

  • the new model has a smaller ankle opening, I feel them closer to my ankles and they hold my heel better;

  • I also feel them closer over my instep. I still have room as my feet are rather low volume, but they might be too tight for people with high volume feet.


They are both flexible, but the new sole is a tiny bit more flexible. The sole doesn’t have the same lugs as the older model which makes it softer. I like both soles, I wore the Entice all winter last year (I waterproofed them). The brown pair is a bit stained/ scratched but I like that, I like the ageing marks.


They have both fleece lining which provides good insulation. I like that Be Lenka has recently started to show the insulation and water-resistance grade for their shoes to make better decisions.

Barefoot features
  • zero-drop

  • wide toe box

  • flexible sole


I believe Chelsea boots go with everything, but I have to admit that I have a rather relaxed way of styling my outfits, be it for work or spare time.

I will update the post with styling ideas once I get to wear the black boots more <3


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