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Mukishoes Fall & Winter

I am a little behind with blog posts about the shoes I am wearing, but I wanted to tell you guys about two models of Mukishoes, one for grown-ups and one for kids, that are lined with felt and that work great for cooler Autumn and warmer Winter days: Gloom (adults) and Amber (kids).

About Mukishoes

For those of you who are new to this brand, you should know that they are a Portuguese brand, started in 2018 by Madlen & Marta, the founders and designers of Mukishoes. Their shoes are made in Portugal, using exclusively natural and non-toxic materials. They got more points when I found out their hemp is sourced from a small family weaving in Transylvania (Romania). I am a pro in Mukishoes sneakers, as I already have 4 pairs of low top sneakers (some new, some preloved) which I wear on repeat 😆


I was gifted the Gloom high-tops from the autumn collection to try out and share my thoughts.

Upper & Sole

This high top model, called Bloom, has a mixed upper made of deadstock, organic and recycled cotton with an organic cotton felt lining (really soft against the skin). They are warmer than my other pairs. I have been wearing them with invisible toe socks and the lining is reaaaally nice. The sole, as always, is made of natural rubber, and is very flexible, like all Mukishoes sneakers. And I imagine their boots as well. They have very good ground feel and bear in mind that they don’t come with an insole, so if you need one you have to order separately.


I got size 40 and they fit as expected - they are better suited for narrow and medium wide feet, but they have laces so you might negociate a little more volume. I don’t plan to wear them during very cold winter days, but if I were, I would have gotten size 41, as my thick socks take a lot of space. I live in a temperate climate, we still have 20+ degrees in October, but January & February can come with -10 celsius degrees. For those days, I have boots and thick socks.

They are cool and go well with my style and wardrobe - I’ve been wearing them with both jeans and culottes as well as linen skirts 👌🏻

I was a bit skeptical about the light colours, as my daughter still steps on my feet a few times a day (this is why I don’t own a white canvas/ hemp / linen of anything), but the gray seems to be made especially for this 😃


This is the first pair of Mukishoes that my daughter is wearing. And she gave these lively Amber high tops the ultimate test - she says she can tell if she will like a shoe based on the way they feel when she tip toes 🩰

This cosy model is part of the Autumn collection Mukishoes has just launched.

Upper & Sole

They have an organic cotton corduroy in a square pattern (yellow) and recycled cotton (light blue) upper, with easy to use organic cotton elastic laces. What I like best is the orange lining: burel – Portuguese felted wool that keep the feet warm and control the moist. We’ve had autumn mornings (8-9 Celsius degrees) and summer-ish evenings (20+ Celsius degrees) for the past two months and she’s said the shoes felt comfortable all day long, with just a pair of cotton socks. The sole is basically a thin protection 2.5mm thick rubber layer that allows the feet to move freely. By the way, won’t you look at that toe box 😍 She has just learnt to tie her laces so she asked me to change the elastic laces with ’adult’ ones, as she said :)


She is wearing a 28 which is 19cm long. Her longest foot is 18cm long (and 7cm wide) and she has quite low volume feet. When she first tried them on, she said they were tight around her instep, but after a few steps around the house they felt ok, which makes me think they may be best for low and medium volume feet. But now I am sad as I know she won’t be wearing them for too long, as she will outgrow this size in a couple of months.

Barefoot Features

They are zero dop, flexible and have a wide toe box. As are all their shoes.

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