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Posh Panda Review

I have two pairs of Posh Panda moccasins: one is the Leopard print (because fun prints are so hard to find in the barefoot shoes world) and another pair with golden brushes made in collaboration with Herr Wild Rags. The collab mocs were my first pair as Posh Panda was not shipping to Romania at that time. So Dana from HRW worked her magic and posted them on January 30th, after which they travelled almost 8.500km to Romania in precisely 6 weeks. They arrived on March 15th, I had to pay VAT but that was peanuts compared to what I had to pay for my Lems boots last year :) The other pair traveled to Bucharest in the luggage of my friend's mother who was traveling to Bucharest from New Brunswick, where my friend lives.

About the Brand

Posh Panda is accidentally a barefoot shoes brand. It was founded by Kayla, mom to three cute children, by first making handcrafted items for her babies (and her friends’ babies, we all know how it gets). She is based in Alberta, Canada, and hand makes all the mocs and boots using high quality genuine (ethically sourced) leather. And you can tell by the way the shoes feel and look that there’s so much care put into crafting the shoes. She is hand crafting everything from her own home. Once in a while, she launches limited edition collections with Herr Wild Rags, another Canadian based business based in Alberta, Canada.

They tick all the barefoot boxes: wide toebox, flexible, zerodrop.

And you can see them compared to other slip-ons that I own. They match the width of Vivobarefoot Ababa.

There are a lot of colours to choose from and the adult moccasins collection includes several styles and colours (and the same genuine leather) used for the baby and toddlers sizing. Adult mocs are made with leather insoles as well as an added layer of 4mm rubber for extra grip and support.

Sizing sounds tricky but is actually pretty straight forward. I got size 9. At first, they feel snug (as they are supposed to feel) but the leather stretches just enough to make it comfortable (even though the leather is so soft that it feels like a sock). I can compare the softness of the leather to Luks or Vivobarefoot Opanka. They are great now, not too loose as I was afraid would happen. I don’t wear them daily (I actually like to rotate my shoes no matter the season) so I don’t know if heavy use makes them too loose, but they have the elastic on top that keeps the shoes secure on the foot.

They are soft, wide and roomy, matching my Ababa slip-ons easily. The size chart states a width of 9.8mm for size 9, but the leather is so soft that it will stretch to accommodate even wider feet with no problem. And because of the outside stitching, your feet won’t go over the sole.

I absolutely love them and, had they not been shipped from Canada, I would have bought at least 2 more colours :D


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